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Geranium ( Les vrais , pas les Pelargonium ) : Welcome in my virtual geranium-garden. In this garden 180 hardy Geraniums have found a place on this 3000 m². It is clear, I hope, that with 'geranium' I don't mean the most popular potted plants we commonly know as geranium but which real name is Pelargonium. Both these plants, Geranium and Pelargonium, belong to the family of Geraniaceae.
The Musaceae ( Bananiers ) : The Musaceae has been exploited by man for food for millennia and contributes staple crops to many regions of the world. It is probable that the banana was one of the first fruit-bearing plants to receive attention in the early development of agriculture more than 4,000 years ago (the first development of agriculture is generally reckoned to have occurred about 10,000 years ago).
The Pelargonium Page : This page is dedicated to pelargonium species (Pelargonium L.). The genus Pelargonium L. is a rather big one and is comprised of well over 200 species. The majority are native to the Southern part of the African continent, i.e. the Republic of South Africa and Namibia, and of them 80% in the south-western corner in the area of winter rainfall.
Home Citrus growers : Entièrement consacré aux agrumes .
Hardy bananas and other subtropical exotics in Hamburg/Germany : To cultivate bananas and other subtropical plants in North Germany outdoors? Who doesn't dream about one garden like on Mallorca, Tenerife or Madeira in Germany, with bananas, palms, eucalypts, subtropical rhododendron species, camelias, citrus fruits, cypresses, stone pines and other exotics? My answer is: Yes!
The hardy Eucalyptus page : The focus of this page is on growing Eucalyptus as ornamental landscape plants, in areas whose climates are colder than those usually associated with Eucalyptus. This would include such places as Britain, the U.S. Pacific Northwest, and other regions rated to USDA zone 8 or lower.
Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture : The RNZIH is this country's only National Horticultural Society. Our mission is to 'Encourage and improve horticulture in New Zealand by promoting the understanding, appreciation, conservation and use of plants'.
Dave's Garden : Hello, I'm Dave and welcome to my garden. This site began back in August of 2000, when I realized that the world really needed an open and friendly atmosphere in which to nurture a community of both experienced and new gardeners and farmers. Since then I've added a lot of features.
From seeds to Aloes for the garden : Entièrement consacré aux Aloe , ce site propose de nombreuses et belles photos , des renseignements , des graines à la vente , un forum .
The Institute for Aloe Studies : The Institute for Aloe Studies was formed for two reasons; the propagation and conservation of Aloes, and the study of Aloes and the education of the general public about Aloes.
Palm and Cycad Societies of Florida : :Tous les aspects de ces deux groupes de plantes sont abordés en profondeur . Il contient de nombreuses photographies , de liens ou informations sur biologie , la multiplication ou le mode de reproduction de ces plantes .
Brandt's palm and tropical/subtropical tree page : Nombreuses photographies de plantes tropicales et subtropicales prises pour beaucoup d'entres elles dans leur habitat naturel . Une sélection assez riche de liens concernant les palmiers est proposée .
The Agave Pages : Many succulent enthusiasts do not like agaves and consider them to be big, ugly and dangerous brutes suitable only for display in large public collections and not for the private greenhouse. However there are many smaller species with much variation in shape, size, markings and colour with the added bonus of being for the most part easy in cultivation. Several are actually very cold tolerant even in our damp British climate as long as they are kept dry in winter. : Site très complet avec beaucoup de photos , de renseignements divers sur toutes les plantes présentées ; possiblité d'acheter en ligne le CR-ROM du site .
ASGAP ( Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants ) : Pour tout savoir sur les plantes australiennes , acacia , grevillea , callistemon , melaleuca , etc... ; nombreux liens , nombreuses photos , à visiter absolument .
University of Hawaii : Nombreuses photos de plantes ornementales avec de brèves descriptions mais traite aussi les algues et les lichens , les endémiques de Hawaii .
National Collection of Cistus and Halimium : Cistus and halimiums are evergreen shrubs, native to the whole Mediterranean region, with an outpost in the Canary Islands (where 4 endemic species are found) and Madeira. They are important constituents of the flora of the maquis and garrigue .
Hosta library : Les Hosta examinés sous toutes les coutures . Grand nombre de photographies .
The Mediterranean Garden Society : The Mediterranean Garden Society is a non-profit-making association which acts as a forum for everyone who has a special interest in the plants and gardens of Mediterranean climate regions. There are many aspects to Mediterranean gardening, and unlike gardeners in temperate Europe and North America, we do not have a strong tradition of horticultural technique to fall back on. Most gardening literature is not applicable here, and we are thus forced to rely on our own hard-won experience, and the general situation throughout the region is that the plants we require are not available in sufficient variety.
The Malvaceae Info : L'auteur de ce site a réalisé un magnifique travail sur la famille des Malvaceae , nombreuses photographies

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Arboles ornementales : Cientos de fichas de árboles seleccionadas por su nombre común, su nombre latino, su clasificación taxonómica, el género o la familia. Se actualiza periodicamente con nuevas fichas que se anunciarán en el apartado de NOVEDADES.
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